Compliance and Risk

Don't leave things to chance, make sure your business is operating legally and ethically when it comes to employment terms and the use of AI algorithms.

Compliance in practice

When it comes to applying compliance to organisations often the first place to start is the payroll system. Here there are considerations around reconciling enterprise bargaining agreements and the hourly rates employees are paid. With increased scrutiny on organisations this year after the university sector has been hit with multiple instances of employees being under paid, payroll compliance has a renewed focus. On the otherhand mistakes can be made in payroll systems causing leakage which can also be a concern for oganisations.

Is my AI algorithm ethical?

With the increased use of AI and machine learning in our organisations this is becoming a question commonly asked within teams. The concern is that an AI algorithm will be biased due to the underlying data used to train the AI. To answer the question "Is my AI algorithm ethical?" a rigorous analysis of the underlying data set used to train the AI must be carried out along with a sensitivity analysis of the algorithm itself. This helps identify areas of bias in the algorithm which may cause future media or regulatory issues for an organisation.