Consumer Apps

We build consumer apps on iOS and Android in the field of entertainment and education.

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We build apps and analytics for the compliance and data security conscious medical industry including on-premise solutions. Utilised computer vision to improve the operational efficiency of medical procedure reporting, billing and patient analytics.



Multiple projects including: improved bandwidth consumption forecasting, field asset predictive maintenance and labour forecasting for new project rollout.

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Compliance and risk

We build software to empower compliance and risk auditors giving them the ability to blend machine learning and automation into their roles.

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Competitor hotspot and customer catchment analysis, road infrastructure analysis for motor vehicle insurance and property risk analysis for home and contents insurance.

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We build software to help place students in the right course to maximise completion rates.

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Marketing optimisation

We help make your campaigns more effective using customer segmentation, propensity/churn modelling, A/B testing and campaign optimisation strategies.

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City planning

We help city planners verify projects using arial photography to spot compliance issues.

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We build price comparison and competitor intelligence tools so you can maintain your competitive advantage.

Asset management

We build solutions to identify items of plant in images to improve the operational efficiency and tracking of company assets using computer vision. Knowing how many of each type of asset a company has and their properties allows a company to improve asset utilisation and reduce the cost of maintenance.

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We help solar companies match solutions to customers to maximise customer benefit.

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Labour optimisation

Getting the right people on the job at the right time to meet the needs of customers and maintain a safe work environment.