Case Studies

Curiohh podcast player

Curiohh podcast player was built for the Startmate accelerator. It allows you to listen to your favourite podcasts and make short recordings that can be shared with your friends on social media or played back later. It provides a transcription of every episode so you can recall that important name or quote that you might have missed.

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Play your favourite podcast and hold the yellow button to make a recording.

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Make short recordings of your favourite parts.

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Share your snippets with all your friends.

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Listen later

Listen to your favourite snippets later.

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Episodes are transcribed so you can return to them and recall the most important parts.

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Curated lists of podcasts personalised to your taste.

Website marketing optimisation

A domain name host wanted to reduce their high cost of customer acquisition. The Cognitive Company (TCC) built them a machine learning model to predict the propensity that a customer would signup to the domain host based on 1200 customer attributes. This allowed the domain host to only target those customers with a high likelihood of signing up, reducing the customer acquisition cost by 30%.

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Spend your marketing dollars on the customers who count.

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A/B testing

Experiment with different offers, message and creative to engage with your customer.

University placement

We built a tool for a student placement company to help match students to the right course and the right university based on thirty-eight key metrics. This reduced the amount of manual work carried out for each placement and increased throughput for the client.

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Personalised course recommendations for students.