Corporate education

We provide face-to-face education and training to corporate clients to up-skill their workforce in a range of data related topics.

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Data Science

A course designed to teach employees in analytics and data teams how to apply this multi-disciplinary skill to their organisations to provide insights that will impact the company’s bottom line.

This course covers an introduction to data science and approach, a recap of Python programming, advanced graphing, how to build machine learning models and advanced statistical techniques.

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This course is designed for business analysts and employees working in data roles. It teaches the critical skills needed to make data driven decisions in commercial settings.

This course covers an introduction to analytics, data preparation skills and techniques, visualisation in Tableau, and analytics in MS Excel and Alteryx.

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Intro to Python programming

This course is designed for business analysts, hobbyist and MS Excel users. It teaches a solid introduction into how and where to use Python in your day-to-day activities.

This course covers an introduction to Python, Python 101, how to speed up your workflow, crunch large amounts of data and automate your BAU processes.